"Me too" products and

"un-producible concepts"

are pointless.

In broad sense, it is an industrial design process, where we force styling and production to their limits. Without sacrificing functionality, either we create a product with unique look, or we define a product family with a recognizable form language. For sure, the outcome is in compliance with trends, yet is different enough for a competitive advantage. With our unique design process, we are able to preserve the core concept - from idea sketch to final product realization.

Styling the technology is the

future of design.

Our innovation design thinking is driven by technology and utility, with a focus on increasing profitability through patented products, cost reductions, and incentives. We create novel ideas and user centered products, with an interdisciplinary approach between engineering and industrial design. At all stages of innovation -research, design and verification- we creatively transfer know-how and experiences from one industry to the other.

80% of environmental impacts

can be influenced during the

product design stage.

As the green awareness increases, companies supplying functional and sustainable products with affordable prices, have competitive advantage. We believe a successful form of a "green product" is a combination of ethics and aesthetics. Our approach is to design of flexible, durable, multifunctional and recycle-able products that lead to a reduction in the consumption of materials and energy. We create "Life Cycle Assessment" engineering models for further evaluations, improvements and certifications.

Brand is a holistic experience,

and should communicate the

same image through all our


This is a multidisciplinary approach to a brand, through the disciplines of graphic design, industrial design and architecture. It defines the brand strategy and uncovers the big idea to capture the brand's personality and to inspire creativity. Our experience and expertise in creating integrated design solutions covers brand identity, package design, retail design concepts and spaces, communicating with end users.

For brand sustainability,

in terms of efficiency and

effectiveness, a clear strategy

and design direction are


To develop a new product, service or a process, both design and innovation are crucial. Being highly creative jobs, and having uncertainties in their nature, their management and coordination require high level of attention and proficiency. We cooperate with companies, who have in-house or out-source Product Development, R&D and Manufacturing capabilities, for performing organizations, clear communications and first time right operations.



Turquality, government supported program to increase turkish brands competition in international markets, accredited BOxER as a design & consultancy company. We are proud to be a part of.

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As a part of Istanbul Design Week, Erdem Akan was guest speaker of "Connecting Concepts" by Premsela and Dutch Consulate. The speech was about "Design & Crafts in todays World".

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